Lab & Medical Moving

Good_Laboratory_MoveLaboratory Moving is one of Wakefield Moving & Storage’s specialties. We have spent years training our supervisors and crews in handling and moving highly sensitive diagnostic equipment and laboratory materials. We offer high value equipment moving to a variety of facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical offices
  • R&D facilities
  • Laboratories

Good_Laboratory_Move_2Our highly qualified team can ensure that your lab will be transported safely and legally to its new facility on time and within budget. Wakefield’s Life Science services include:

  • Project planning assistance for your laboratory move
  • Detailed lab move instructions for your staff
  • Climate controlled van services
  • Custom crating and packing services specifically designed for your equipment
  • Coordination of hazardous material shipping
  • Unpacking services and lab setup assistance
  • Removal and disposal of unwanted equipment or nonhazardous material