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I recently completed the last leg of a long and challenging move from Florida to New Hampshire. Wakefield Moving and Storage handled the last leg with a smaller truck and crew to fit into my somewhat awkward condo layout. Mark and Alvaro arrived precisely on time, explained everything very thoroughly, and were pleasant to work with from the minute they arrived. They had the truck unloaded in two hours; things placed just where I wanted them, and made sure to haul away any wrapping refuse that I couldn’t handle through our normal recycling efforts. I thought they were fabulous!

– Boston Movers Review, Reviewed by Meredith Jordan on 01/21/2014


Dear John: I should have written this several weeks ago, but have been busy and just kept putting it off for a rainy day. We had the rain this morning, so here it is……… Shirley and I want to express our appreciation for the good service of your company and its personnel, which made our move successful in every way. Everything was done on time, as promised, for much less than the estimated cost, with absolutely nothing broken or missing. The two men you sent to assist with the packing of fragile items and again to actually load the truck took very good care of everything and were so pleasant to work with. The long distance van driver and the two men who helped him to unload in Murfreesboro were equally good to work with here, and helpful in rearranging furniture here to make room for the new additions arriving from Massachusetts. The 1870 Steinway grand piano was handled well by the crane company which lifted it down from the second floor in Brookline, and was set back up here by a local firm, Concert Productions, Inc., Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with not a scratch on it. Shirley is still unpacking some of the boxes and finding places to put things in our home here, but soon will have that done. We just want to thank you and your crew for all that was done to make this move much easier for two grateful senior citizens. We certainly would recommend your firm to anyone needing to make a move. Sincerely, David H

– Boston Movers Review, Reviewed by David H on 06/21/2013


I am Connee T’s son-in-law. You moved her to Brooksby Village on May 7 from Maine. I wanted to say what a great job everybody did, from Jim H doing the estimate and arranging everything to Mike, Sean, and Danny doing the move. Everybody was perfect. You have a great crew there.

– Boston Movers Review, Reviewed by Stuart S on 05/23/2013