High Tech Moving

high_tech_3Your company’s performance is dependent on your office technology. Our company’s performance is dependent on preparing and moving that technology safely, seamlessly and timely. Wakefield’s Technology Solutions Team has trained personnel, to prepare, pack and protect your valuable computer workstations, servers, printers, copier/scanners, fax machines and other sensitive electronic devices. While your IT team is focusing on more complex tasks like system networking and data center moves, the high tech moving solutions team at Wakefield will:

  • Provide adequate personnel to meet your move timelines to minimize downtime to your business
  • Assist in the shut down and disconnection of all equipment
  • Individually bag and tag the monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, printer and any other equipment being relocated in your high tech moving project
  • Move the secured equipment to your new location and unpack it
  • Discard packing materials in designated receptacles
  • Reassemble and reconnect in the appropriate location on the associates desk
  • Route cables in the proper channels and tie up excess cable
  • Boot system to ensure it powers up