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Boston Office Movers vs Self Moving

Posted by Katherine Davekos on May 19, 2019

Should I Hire Office Movers?

When planning an office move there are many details to consider, one of which is whether to handle the move yourself or to find a trusted Boston office moving company to handle the move for you. Small business owners, facilities managers, operations managers, and office managers are often tasked with overseeing the office moving process, and with making the big decision of: Should I hire Boston office movers or should I manage the office move myself? Here are a few things to consider when making this important decision.

Do You Have the Time, Knowledge and Experience to Plan a Professional Office Move?

Whether you are moving into a new area within the same building, or moving from Boston to another New England city, there is much planning to do. Do you have the time and knowledge to plan every aspect of your office Move? Or would you rather focus on your daily responsibilities, and entrust your office move to professional commercial movers?

Are You Properly Insured to Move Your Office?

When executing an office move there are human resources, data security and asset/equipment safety to protect. Are you insured to cover potential losses or injuries? Without the help of professional movers things are more likely to go wrong. Someone can get injured moving office furniture. A valuable piece of equipment may be damaged when relocating to a new office. Your vital data may be lost or compromised when moving computers stations and office records. Professional office movers, like Wakefield Moving and Storage, have moved thousands of offices. Office moving companies have systems in place to ensure absolute success and security, and are fully licensed and bonded as a safety net just in case there is a rare mishap.

Do You Have Buy-in From the Team?

As head of your office moving project do you have buy-in from the entire team? Is everyone willing to do their part? Do you have the time, energy and desire to assign and oversee tasks to workers that are outside of their normal job roles? That is what is required with a do-it-yourself office move. When you hire a company like Wakefield Moving and Storage to manage your office move, you benefit from an outside expert. Our office movers take care of much of the details, and are well versed at getting buy-in from the team. We understand that office moving success is a team effort, and we are experienced team leads to this end.